Space Invaders in Scratch

Complete implementation of Space Invaders in Scratch.


20 lessons


In this course we'll see how to implement in Scratch, a Space Invaders from scratch (pun intended).

I hope you join me in this journey through the world of game development in Scratch!


If I'm being honest, this was my thought exactly when I started this project. But now I can say that it's far from the truth.

While Scratch looks childish, actually it's a powerful tool to teach programming logic. I would even say that most people, kids or adults who are learning how to program, should start with it.

Learning how to program it's not about the syntax but rather, about the way of thinking. And using block coding allows us to focus on what matters. It takes away the complexity of learning a new language and let us focus on the actual thought process.

I must say I felt challenged throughout this project. The simplicity of Scratch forced me to find alternative ways to implement what I needed.

And this brings us to the next question.


Once again, it's true. Space Invaders it's a very simple game but its implementation resulted in close to 10 hours of video. It seems quite the amount for such a simple game, so imagine If we tried to implement a more complex one.

And for me, it's not about the complexity of the game. It's about implementing an existing game with well defined rules and mechanics. This is what creates the real challenge. Because we have to follow the original specifications. When we stumble upon a challenge we need to find a solution, there's no way around it.

I think that with custom games and projects we tend to bend the rules a little bit in face of a challenge. Probably, in a way to match our usual way of thinking. This prevents half of the learning we can take from such an experience like this.